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Geriatric Support Services @ Doorstep

Introduced First in India by Jai Bharath Institute for Community Development & Research Services (JBICDR-An NGO Registered with NITI Aayog, with 12 A registration, Govt of India And 16 years of excellent service with social commitment and dedication)

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Addressing problem

  • Aging is a biological phenomenon, the ending period in one's life cycle.

  • According to the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, the proportion of senior citizens in the population of Kerala as of 2021 was 16.5%.

  • The Problems of the elderly are highly intensified due to the unprecedented speed of socioeconomic transformation which has caused changes in living conditions.

  • In Kerala's context, many can't afford to spend their time for the elderly at home due to a variety of reasons.

  • The current project is designed to explore the spare time youngsters for a cause in meaningful way.

  • That is what 'Samaya Bank' stands for.

Features at a glance

Time is one of the greatest investments if effectively channalised for a social cause or for the betterment of community. The project Samaya Bank, utilises the time of student community in the college for the needy elderly citizens in the nearby areas.

The project involves the following features.

  • Training students on geriatric care and social service

  • Helping them to build self confidence

  • Finding out needy elders who feels lonely and requires support

  • Student visits to the registered elderly (on weekdays).

  • Elder friendly android app for lively engagements.

  • Training senior citizens on different areas including digital Literacy, legal matters, yoga, vocational skills.

Additional Features

  • Providing medical to achieve financial independence through home-based IGPs if needed

  • Provision for leisure activites like outing, cultural activities

  • Extending counselling support

  • Help Desk services

  • Medical/Mental health camps

  • Elderly friendly parks

  • Geriatric clubs


The SAMAYA BANK app is an innovative solution to address the problems of the senior citizen involved in the project. The app can be downloaded by the registered users. The app has a user-friendly and elder-friendly interface and also ensures the privacy of the users. The app interconnects the students/volunteers and senior citizens.

  • Health Screening

  • Lifestyle disease monitoring

  • Easy appointment of doctors

  • Teleconsultation

  • Workout support for health maintenance

  • Library service with good collection of books

  • Music,video and movie sessions

  • Provision for games and Cultural activities

Benifits our youngsters

  • This project to engage youth productively connected with the elderly

  • This project has a multi-dimentional aspect of mentoring

  • The youngsters extend physical and psychological support to the elders whereas the elders can guide the younger generation by referring to their life experiences.

  • The other benefits include;

  • Development of social responsibility and commitment.

  • Exposure to Social service.

  • Training in real-life counseling.

  • Development of community feeling.

  • Exposure to rich life experience.

  • Personal mentoring.

Impact on Elders

There is a saying that in some cases, the age of 6 and 60 seems to be the same. By the time one reaches his sixties, a lot of biological activities begin to stop. Special attention and care are required for them to sustain their daily life in balance.

  • Easily adapted to accept challenges.

  • Able to cope with the isolation and insecurity of old age.

  • Opportunity to engage in multiple energising activities as part of a group of like-minded people.

  • Access to receive student volunteer support in welfare matters.

  • Reduce the feeling of loneliness, idleness, and sense of insecurity.

  • Access to Medical Care at home or help in medical care.

  • Enhance digital literacy for daily needs.

  • Access to more venues of social interactions.

  • Financial empowerment.

Reaching out to other vulnerable sections

Through this project, we reach out to the differently-abled community in our society.

In the initial stage, our volunteers could find a space to interact with differently-abled people if they stay in the same home while visiting the registered elderly.

Later, once the project sustains with minimal intervention, we can separately design a team for the differently abled people through the same strategy.

Aging Gracefully

  • The goal is to live while we are living

  • The elderly should be given chance to age gracefully.

  • To age with grace, we have to live with grace.

  • Aging should no longer be a nightmare.

  • It should be a period of happy retirement.

  • Youngsters will no longer be a generation with an 'easy-going' and 'no caring' attitude.

  • They will become ardent supporters of the forthcoming 'happy society' and graceful aging.

The Future

Credit System

The hours the volunteers spent with the elderly through this project will be credited to their time bank account and will be availed back once they reach the age of 65.

Referral System

This project allows volunteers to refer anyone aged above 65 to avail of the same hours of services which had been served by the respective volunteers.

Relevance of Social Work in the Current Scenario

  • Promoting the values of human dignity, human rights, democratic participation of people and collaborative social relationships.

  • Challenging the unequal relationships and marginalization of people due to sex, age, ethnicity, caste and creed.

  • Democratizing the socio-economic and political systems by empowering people and building their capacity to bargain for basic rights and essential resources.

  • Training students in culturally sensitive practice in relation to problem solving skills, research, advocacy, disaster management, conflict resolution, policy formulation and organizational management